Guided Pathways Electronic Toolkit

In order to support colleges across the state in communicating the main tenets and goals of Guided Pathways, IEPI has created an electronic toolkit that includes a short, engaging video that explains why the Guided Pathways Award Program is important for California Community Colleges students, a short PowerPoint presentation that covers what Guided Pathways is and how colleges have implemented its main components, and several handouts that cover a variety of important pieces of the Guided Pathways approach. 


Explaining Guided Pathways to Your College (pptx) (7.21.17)

Why Guided Pathways? Why Now? (pptx) (7.21.17)

Explaining Guided Pathways to Your College Video

Podcast: Guided Pathways

Principles of Guided Pathways (pdf) (9.8.17)

Guided Pathways Demystified II: Addressing 10 New Questions as the Movement Gains Momentum (9.15.17)

Building Capacity for Guided Pathways at California Community Colleges (pdf) (9.8.17)

Implementing Guided Pathways: Defining Roles with a Focus on Collaboration (pdf) (9.21.17)

Implementing Guided Pathways: Tips and Tools (pdf) (9.8.17)