Award Process and Information

The State of California’s $150 million one-time investment in the Guided Pathways Award Program will give each of our 114 colleges the opportunity to begin implementation of the Guided Pathways framework. This investment will support an intensive five-year planning and implementation process at each participating college. Using the Guided Pathways framework, colleges will rethink and redesign programs and services into cohesive, campus-wide strategies to achieve the outcomes expected by the state, our system, and our students.

CCC Guided Pathways Self-Assessment Tool

Online Portal: Guided Pathways Self-Assessment Tool

Hardcopy: CCC Guided Pathways Self-Assessment (pdf) (doc)

Instructions: Guided Pathways Self-Assessment Tool (pdf) (doc)

Self-Assessment & CCRC Scale of Adoption (pdf) (doc)

Sources: Guided Pathways Self-Assessment Tool (pdf) (doc)