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GP Regional Coordinator, Call for Applications

In 2016, the Strong Workforce program initiated a grouping of seven geographical regions that are outlined here. These regions already represent a set of core commonalities to the guided pathways effort: geographical proximity, similar student communities, synergistic employment opportunities, and shared university and K-12 partners. Because of the existing relationships and commonalities in these regions, the Chancellor’s Office is establishing a regional support network to enhance Guided Pathways implementation. This approach began in the Central Valley, already connected through the Central Valley Higher Education Consortium (CVHEC), and for the last six months, this area has benefitted from collaborative efforts between the colleges there and a Central Valley Guided Pathways Coordinator. 

As evidenced by the pilot in the Central Valley, the Chancellor’s Office is seeking six additional coordinators in the remaining regions: Bay Area, Los Angeles/Orange County, North/Far North, San Diego/Imperial, Inland Empire, and South Central Coast. 

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